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Inside Tha Jackals head W/ Steven Myers

Joining the show tonight is author, lecturer and independent researcher, Steven Myers who has studied the Great Pyramid for over twenty years so he could understand how this ancient wonder of the world was built and why. His research included traveling to Egypt to conduct extensive onsite research at the Giza Plateau. Steven Myers has written numerous magazine articles and given many lectures on the subject of the Great Pyramid. Compiling his research into two books which provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of how the Great Pyramid was built and why. He has also founded a nonprofit foundation dedicated in understanding how and why the Great Pyramid was built. The mission of this foundation is to redevelop these ancient but advanced technologies to help our modern but troubled world. Book author, documentary producer and frequent radio talk show guest. Powered by Public Streaming Network To listen live remember check out!
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The Faces on Mars With Guest: "TONY RODRIGUES"

Join now and listen to Gary Leggiere aka The Mars Revealer With his guest this week "TONY RODRIGUES" https://  //  https:/// /  //  https://  // Call Live: (786) 633-2225 TONY RODRIGUES IS A 20 YEAR SECRET SPACE PROGRAM TOUR EXPERIENCER,  which Tony claims, he has spent as a slave which included 13 years working on a cargo  space vessel based out of the Dark Fleet Ceres Colony. AUTHOR OF THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY  CERES COLONY CAVALIER , AND CO-CREATOR OF “TALKS WITH TONY,” A PATREON GROUP FOCUSED ON DISCLOSURE AND CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION. HE HOSTS SUPPORT GROUPS & HAS CREATED A COURSE FOR OTHERS WHO SUSPECT THEY MAY HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN SIMILAR PROGRAMS. #NASA #MARS #FaceofMars #FJBiden #LetsGoBrandon #PSNRadio #SoFloRadio @SoFloRadio

Inside Tha Jackals Head W/ Guest Joye Pugh

    TOMORROW 03/06/2022 AT 9 PM – 11 PM Joining me tonight on The Angel Espino show interview hour now known as the segment "Inside Jackals Head" is the one, and only Dr Joye Pugh. And my goodness am I excited to speak to her. She's simply an amazing guest... First spoke to her on Gary's "The Martian Revelation" show, and instantly I wanted to bring her on to talk religion, and the connections between the end times, aliens, ufos, the paranormal, and all sorts of spooky things. This will be her second time on the show in recent months, and after our first wonderful show I look forward to having her on more, and more. She's an amazing soul, and guest. So make sure you don't miss this episode.  ''Dr. Joye" had a supernatural dream at age 6 about the End of Time and her 40 years of research into that dream has allowed her to tell the world what is about to happen in our generation. Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh’s latest book series is a trilogy ent

The Faces on Mars With Guest: "MICHAMEL SCHRATT"

G uest: "MICHAMEL SCHRATT" "Michael Schratt is a private pilot & an aviation historian."  He has been investigating UFO encounters for over 25 years.  Between 2008 and 2009, Michael meticulously reviewed a minimum of 50,000  cases which were preserved at the CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies) archives in Chicago.  In an effort to maintain an important part of our national history, Michael has re-created dozens of highly credible UFO cases by the use of drawings, illustrations and commissioned artwork. Many of these include USO (Unidentified Submerged Objects), actual extraterrestrial  encounters, and pre-history UFO cases which have never seen the light of day.   Michael has appeared on multiple media platforms including the following: Coast to Coast AM, History Channel, Paranormal Matrix, UFO Hunters, Fade to Black. In addition, Michael has been a guest speaker at multiple UFO conferences including the following: Phoenix MUFON, Orange County MUFON, International UF
  "GEORGE HAAS" George J. Haas is the founder and premier investigator of the Mars research group known as The Cydonia Institute and is a member of the Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR). His research encompasses over 30 years of study and analysis of NASA and ESA photographs of Mars. His early schooling was in the visual arts. He was an art instructor, writer, curator, and the former director of the Sculptors’ Association of New Jersey (1999 – 2001). During the 1980s he exhibited extensively throughout the New Jersey and New York area and was represented by the Grace Harkin Gallery in New York’s East Village and had a one man show at the OK Harris Gallery of Art in Soho in 1989.  Over the last two decades Haas has studied the art and iconography of North and South American cultures such as the Olmec, Maya, and Aztec. He has been a member of both the Pre-Columbian Societies at the University of Pennsylvania and in Washington DC.    He has coauthored two books; The Cyd

Meet 'MING OF MARS'! Found by The MARS Revealer himself!

ANOTHER FACE OF MARS WITH NEARBY PYRAMIDS... What do you see? Found by the one and only our own Gary Leggiere better known as "The Mad Martian!" or the "Mars Revealer" as we like better... He's been in the front lines finding all sorts of amazing things on the red planet that NASA doesn't want you knowing about for years now. Make sure you look at these pictures carefully and tell us what you see in the comment section. "I HAVE NAMED THIS COOL FACE OF MARS!" said Gary in his Facebook post and he's followed that by naming it the 'MING OF MARS'! A Good name considering if you look close you can indeed not just see facial features but a "Ming" like face with beard. Good find if there isn't just one structure which shows a face but dozens this has to mean something, and why our NASA has not looked closer to these sites with the hundreds of millions spent on the rovers we got up there should tell us something. What I love

The BlogSpot gets a facelift!

So it was about time that I upgraded the look of this site as it had been over a year or two since last time I had done any upgrades or changed the layout. So I got to thinking what I wanted to do here, and I redesigned the site, and now it's got a whole more functionality than it had before. For example if you check out the middle of the page you will now see our featured shows and if you click on any of the banners it will take you to the actual playlist to each show or the direct website. This blogspot page will get used more going forward also as it's ver effective in getting the word out on what is happening currently with the network. We won't be posting any current event news anymore here as this will be only for our shows, and what's happening with them currently. All current event news will currently be featured on our main page.  Public Streaming Network

Skywatchers Move to new night!

Big shake ups happening to the line up folks! That's right Skywatchers Radio will be moving to Tuesdays at 11pm est.  This all starts first week of July! So Skywatchers Radio. For full schedules head over to our chat room page.