Friday, June 24, 2016

Skywatchers Move to new night! And Wednesdays are taken over by the Arizona Tramp, and Dr J!

Big shake ups happening to the line up folks! That's right Skywatchers Radio will be moving to Tuesdays at 11pm est. And Arizona Tramps "Swamp Gas Radio" has taken over Wednesday nights at 10pm est. Following Arizona Tramp will be Dr J Live which will air at Midnight.

This all starts first week of July! So Skywatchers Radio, Dr J, and Arizona Tramp fans make sure you bookmark the new times. For full schedules head over to our chat room page.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

PSN RADIO Welcomes Debra Jayne East!

Starting this Thursday at 10pm est. "Notes from the underground" with host Debra Jayne East. We're all very excited to have her join our network, and look forward to having  her show grow along with our network for many years to come. 

Debra Jayne East grew up in a rural town in Virginia and from an early age she had an interest in writing, astronomy and science. In 1968, close to midnight, her family went outside to see what their German Shepard dog was barking at. Looming over the hill, a lens shaped object the size of a tractor trailer with a rotating band of blue, white and red lights hovered silently in the moonlight. That was the first UFO sighting she experienced at twelve years old.
That was only the beginning of the family’s sightings with the most significant one happening in 1987 after a large UFO flap in Wytheville, Virginia. After hundreds of sightings by military, the sheriff’s department and many locals, including radio newscaster Danny Gordon, her parents woke up to find a strange triangle shaped landing marks in their back field.
After her career and raising a family, Ms. East returned to her first love and began writing paranormal books and also researching the UFO phenomenon
This led to her hosting her own radio show six years ago and she is still giving people a voice to tell their stories today. “It’s my legacy,” she smiles.
“I like to believe we are all a piece of the puzzle. I not only interview people like Bruce Maccabee, James Bartley and Peter Robbins experts in their own fields but the everyday person, researcher or abductee with unique stories to share.”

You can find her FB pages and blog at:

Friday, March 11, 2016

One of our own needs your help... "Irma Horta Memorial Fund"

Original host, producer, and show runner Angel has had a terrible loss in his family. His beloved mother passed away March 7th, 2016 in Miami Fl.

We wanted to post here the link to the GoFund me page he's made to help with the cost of the sudden loss. To all the listeners, and friends please open your hearts, and let's help out.
Here is a message from Angel himself...
"Hello all Angel here, and I've started raising money for "Irma Horta Memorial Fund" my mother as you know passed away on March 7th of Cancer, and we have to raise close to 10k to pay for her services. We have struck a deal with the funeral home and burial company to give us a couple of months to come up with the money.

During this whole ordeal I was fired from my job because I needed the time off to be with my mother who was dying. My old boss showed no heart, and fired me without warning. Now I've lost both my mother and job in the span of two weeks. I'm totally devastated as you can imagine. Anyone who listens to me on radio knows how close me, and my mother were, and right now I'm living a nightmare. Thank you all who have donated already and thank you to those who are now about to open their hearts and help out. Just in case anyone wants to use paypal my email is"

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Angel leaves the show

After fighting Cancer for almost three years his mother has got really ill recently, and he's decided to leave the show for an extended period of time to be with his mother. We all at Skywatchers Radio wish him, and his mother all the best. He said he didn't think he would return to the hosting chair anytime soon as his mother is very very ill.

 Taking over as the main hosts on the show is Crystal Storm, and Alan Wyler. Together they will be joined by Chris Brown who will continue to bring ufology news from around the world. Danny Benton has been promoted to show executive producer.

Once again we wanted to wish Angel and his mother all the best, and hope he's with us here again soon.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

About the current downtime on our main website...

So if you were looking for our site, and saw a big "OOPS" this is an issue we have been dealing with for the last two weeks with our hosting account. We are temporarily transferring the PSN-RADIO.COM url here to our news blog site until the issue is fixed.

As it turns out GoDaddy has changed the way they allow archives to be hosted, and the amount of traffic we were getting caused server issues which made them knock down our site until it's fixed. I complied with all their demands, and the sites had come back up. They seem to have an issue with something else so I had to remove it, and now we're just waiting for them to turn us back on.

This issue with GoDaddy has forced us to start hosting all our archives over on SoundCloud... Click Here

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Universal Talk Radio Joins PSN RADIO!
Hey guys just wanted to mention the newest member of PSN RADIO! Hosted by our good friend, and now official Host on PSN Radio Dr Joseph Marra! Universal Talk Radio has finally arrived at our network. Along with his co host Stefany Nalepa.

Universal Talk Radio will be a show that will explore alternate ideas of the reality we call life. Many of the concepts and/or theories discussed in this site have been researched for decades and are just now becoming more understood by mainstream science.

For individual guidance or assistance in your life purpose visit A Guiding Lite.

For the main show page, and archive go to Universal Talk Radio